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All-in-one platform for smoother shipping deals

A pool of offers

Clients have the freedom to select from a number of qualified suppliers competing for their requests by filtering them based on their chosen criteria such as the best value, cheapest, fastest, rating and transit time.

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Secure and instant online payment

We have partnered with the leading payment gateways in the market to prevent fraud and ensure flexible payment experience. The platform currently supports different payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, ACH Transfer and SEPA Debit

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Simplified booking process

We insist on making the whole experience smooth and easy. This is why you will benefit from a guided user experience. We built it with a mindset to simplify the booking process by easily providing shipping instructions, assigning shipping parties and managing necessary documents.

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End-to-end shipment tracking

FreightXplorer’s tracking feature doesn’t only provide recent milestone updates and future estimations, but also increases security, visibility and control over the operation.

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Real-time notifications

You and your team will receive prompt notifications whenever there is a shipment update, request for bidding, offer to evaluate or literally anything required to ensure the smooth run of your business.

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User Rating and Evaluation

A rating and evaluation system is in place to ensure accountability and credibility for users using the platform to conduct business.

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