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Who's Salloum Shipping?
Founded in 2000 and based in Essen. Salloum Shipping Co. is a trusted shipping company that provides its clients from all over the world a high quality service in car shipping that makes transporting a vehicle stress-free. Shipping all kinds of RORO vehicles and Containers has made the company a well-known name in this segment, which has attracted thousands of customers over the years, who appreciate the professional workflow. Salloum Shipping Co. takes pride in providing the highest standard of safety and service available in the enclosed auto transport industry. Salloum Shipping Co. has put its focus in the shipping segment, and has grown to be a professionalized reference. Over the past years, Salloum Shipping Co. has shipped hundreds of thousands of vehicles to West Africa and the Mediterranean Salloum Shipping Co. is a member of GLOBALIA logistics network. Globalia Logistics Network is an exclusive network of the highest calibre freight forwarders in each key air/seaport worldwide who actively co-operate to reduce costs and risks and grow their businesses together through mutual cooperation to beat the leading multinationals
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September 7, 2022
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