8 Reasons for Listing Your Logistics Company in a Global Logistics Directory

Noura Hteit
Nov 25, 20226 min read
FreightXplorer Directory: a global logistics directory for logistics companies

FreightXplorer Directory: an inclusive global logistics directory that connects freight forwarders, NVOCC, carriers and shippers together!

According to Ned Davis Research, a Florida-based research firm known for its Global Recession Probability Model, the world is 98.1% progressively entering into a global recession. This situation has been aggravated by a range of current global events that is affecting all sectors from the war between Russia and Ukraine, the China lockdown, soaring energy prices and declining supplies to the Fed increasing interest rates and soaring inflation in the US. Amid such circumstances, logistics companies may be wondering: How will the changed economic outlook impact the logistics industry? How can we cope with the severe effects? How can we expand our business, acquire more customers and increase our sales? But most importantly where should we start?

First and foremost, freight and logistics companies must take proactive approaches to make their business more flexible and adaptable such as investing in smarter and data-driven technology in order to survive the current crisis, and emerge with a lasting competitive advantage. If your logistics business is thinking of implementing new strategies and opportunities that would drastically generate more revenue, increase your exposure to new markets and lines of businesses, and position your business as a leader in the industry, you might want to consider listing your business in FreightXplorer Directory; a global logistics directory.

What is FreightXplorer Directory?

Simply put, it is a network that connects logistics companies with other business entities in the logistics sector as well as other clients.

Delving deeper into its core objective; we are creating an open community where logistics-related businesses can list their companies on FreightXplorer Directory in order to connect with logistics partners and clients; thus, more business opportunities.

8 Reasons for Listing Your Logistics Company in FreightXplorer Directory – a Global Logistics Directory

In this day and age, it goes without saying that having a strong online presence is an essential aspect for the survival and success of any company. Logistics business owners are aware of the fact that having a functional, informative and visually attractive website will attract more customers. The same goes for a strong social media presence. However, few pay attention to the importance of listing their companies in a logistics directory. Hence, we’ll explain the importance of listing your company, and why such a logistics network would be beneficial for your business.

1- Your company is easier to find through customizable search filters

There’s nothing worse for a potential customer than a long list of unprioritized results. With custom search, you can take the advantage of the built-in filters to create an intuitive experience for your potential clients as they search for a logistics provider per their requirements. Clients can narrow down their search using advanced filters and sorting to shipment origin, destination, transport mode, shipment type and more.

Let’s say a client is looking for freight forwarders in Africa to transport a shipment from the United States to Nigeria. More specifically, this client is looking for a freight forwarder that provides land transportation, customs clearance and cargo insurance. After proper filter selection, at least one company will be returned which will also include important information such as the company’s working hours, address, coverage areas and its services.

Even if you are a freight forwarder who provides ocean freight, and are looking for another company that provides land freight to deliver a shipment from Zurick, Switzerland to Port Antwerp in Belgium. In FreightXplorer Directory, you can search for and partner with a company that provides such a transport mode and geographic coverage.

customizable search filters in FreightXplorer Directory
Applying customizable filters to find a suitable freight forwarder

2- When you’re easier to find, you’ll expand your clientele network

Having your logistics business listed on a global logistics directory isn’t a magic bullet for traffic, but FreightXplorer Directory can help you generate leads. When a potential client finds you in the directory during their search, it’s a win! That will make your business more accessible and easier to find.

Yet the cherry on top is you can find logistics business partners. Think of it as the network where B2B owners can connect and form partnerships.

acquire more clients by listing your logistics company in a global logistics directory
You can easily find logistics providers

3- Expanding your network, entails finding new logistics partners

The main advantage of belonging to a global logistics network is eliminating the need to find the information yourself; saving you time and energy. For starters, listing your company in FreightXplorer Directory gives you access to multiple freight and logistics companies such as freight forwarders, customs brokers, transport companies and the likes in your area as well as near and far. Additionally, providing them with your basic information, top shipment type and ratings gives them first-hand insight to your performance.

It’s like a mini-website that showcases your business; making it is easier to find local, regional and international logistics companies in FreightXplorer directory compared to other websites because the content is presented in a way that allows easy navigation.

Profile that showcases information about a logistics company
Profile that showcases information about a logistics company

4- Improves your logistics company’s online visibility and reach

Apart from the unique advantages that a global logistics directory provides, there are more “under the hood” benefits as well. Namely, it can increase your search engine ranking and overall brand visibility either by using the right keywords or through external linkings.

Why is this important, you wonder? Simply since you’d want your website to be one of the first results returned to users. With that in mind, legitimizing your logistics business across the internet is extremely important, and business listings are an excellent way to help do that.

Listing in a global logistics directory increases online visibility

5- Stimulates credibility and validation

Potential clients and logistics partners themselves might think that it’s strange that your company isn’t listed in a logistics directory. Even if they’ve already heard about your company, finding another one on a global logistics directory might make them contact that company, and end their search right there and then. So, it really is a plus to be found online.

6- Yields social proof due ratings

In short: reviews and ratings are social proof in action. FreightXplorer Directory offers users’ ratings, and by incorporating them as part of your overall marketing strategy, you can provide essential social proof, earn the trust of potential and existing logistics partners and shippers, and place your logistics company front and center the next time they make a decision.

FreightXplorer Directory offers ratings and reviews

7- Simple and direct communication with logistics providers and shippers

Fast and easy communication should be engraved in your business’ ethical code. To ensure that, FreightXplorer Directory offers a live chat feature. Not only is it a great way to connect with existing and prospective logistics partners and shippers but also increases productivity. You give clients a way to reach you at the exact moment an inquiry, issue or update pops up. This is by far much better than sending back and forth emails, or being put on hold on the phone. Being available builds the needed trust and confidence for acquiring new clients and expanding your business.

easy communication between a shipper and logistics provider
Directly chat with your logistics provider

8- Marketing and advertising? It’s free!

Another substantial benefit of listing your logistic business in a global logistics directory, specifically speaking FreightXplorer, is that we showcase your company on our social media platforms.

Take your logistics business to the next level with FreightXplorer Directory

On this account, placing logistic business in online directories is a powerful way to grow your reach and exposure. They allow you to acquire more clients and find logistics partners. Additionally, they pave the way for building brand awareness, trust, high-authority backlinks, site traffic and more.

Now that you know its importance, the next step is to leverage it for your own benefit. If you are ready for it, you have come to the right place.

As Logisoft, we pride ourselves on offering what will become the best global logistics directory as well as being the hub for premium freight and logistics services and solutions designed to drive your business further.

Our directory includes a wealth of features including a contemporary public profile page, interactive coverage map, sorting and filtering, services listing and statistics and figures which are available to registered suppliers in FreightXplorer Marketplace.

Ready to list your logistics business? Head over to FreightXplorer Directory.

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